Last Saturday about 50 people learnt something new at Knetlik conference. The conference was not about Czech cuisine, but about .NET; however, I believe, there are some analogies in the name with popular Czech food — knedlík.

The conference was very fast and full of caloric information. There were 10 short talks 10 minutes each! Such short talk is enough for the introduction and can spark good appetite to learn more.

The format of the conference was quite new for me, but it was not the last thing that surprised me. An organizer of the conference, Andrew Kazyrevich, managed to bring two virtual presenters: Patrick Smacchia (author of NDepend) and Gil Zilberfeld (technology evangelist at Typemock), whom were talking and presenting slides via Skype's screen sharing feature. Neat idea!

As a conclusion, I would like to say that Knetlik is definitely worth to attend next time.